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Updated: Sep 6, 2019



We are exactly 19 days away from the deadline, and exactly $1500 away from the goal.

If one friend gives $78.95 each day between now and the Sept. 8th deadline, we’ll make it.

We’ll be cutting it awfully close, but we’ll make it.

If you’ve already helped, thank you.

If you can help today, thank you.

If you need a reminder of the details, here’s the original message I sent out about this situation in mid-July:

* * * * *

For years, an Irish humanitarian group has been donating aid to Belarus through our “Response of the Heart” team. They’re awesome. They actually collect the goods, load their own truck, ferry it across from Ireland, drive it to the border. Then “The Great Kozovaya” gets them through customs, they offload everything at our warehouse, turn around and head back.

A 5-day ordeal, one-way. All as volunteers. Twice a year.

But the economy in Ireland has been shattered. They’re in an extreme recession. So our Irish friends have collected $48,963.21 worth of goods (8.25 tons), and loaded it into their truck, but they literally don’t have the funds to make the trip.

For gasoline, the ferry to the mainland, and basic expenses to keep the team alive during the trip both directions, takes $7232.38. But if we could give them this amount, it would release the entire shipment of aid to needy people all across Belarus.

Every $1 we give them will release $6.77 in aid for the people we love in Belarus.

There are huge rolls of carpet and fabric, incredibly valuable construction materials, furniture, baby strollers, toys, footwear, children’s bicycles, 169 boxes of clothing, and more. All strictly designated for Belarus — this stuff can’t go anywhere else. But if the transportation costs aren’t met by September 8th, all of this aid will have to wait for the next available travel time on the volunteers’ schedule — 6 months away. They already missed the May 2014 window, simply for lack of funds.

I know this is a lot to ask. But this opportunity is tremendous — turning every dollar into $6.77 in actual, practical help for the needy ones of Belarus. So I hope you can help.

A $50 donation releases $338.50 in aid. $25 becomes $169.25 … A gift of $100 turns into $677. Whatever you give today will multiply by 6.77.

Please help if you can. (The little girl in the photo is Dasha. She says “Spasibo!” … Thank you!)

And I thank you too, for journeying with us. Much love, Doug Brendel

Donate online here Sign up to auto-give monthly To send a check: New Thing, 403 Linebrook Rd., Ipswich MA 01938 Thanks again!

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