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Delight? Discomfort? Vote for two

Remember spring? 

That’s when I asked friends of New Thing to help provide sewing machines and weather-tight windows.

They were needed by the hearing-impaired children at the boarding school in Babruisk, Belarus.

I’m delighted to report that we’ve heard from a grateful Director Natalia (she sent this photo):  She says the sewing machines have arrived — they’re beautiful! (and the kids love them) — and the weather-tight windows have been installed.

It’s going to be a lovely, toasty-warm winter for the children and the workers at Babruisk! Thank you again to the 15 households who gave generously to meet this need.

But I’m afraid I also need to bring you some uncomfortable news:

The children with disabilities at Osipovichi need a year’s worth of meds.

And we have a Matching Challenge that turns every $1 into $2.22, if given by Thanksgiving Day.

But as I write, only 7 friends have responded.

We’re still short of the goal by $1,154.79.

So could you please give a Thanksgiving gift right now?

We don’t want to miss out on the Matching Challenge opportunity.

On our American Thanksgiving Day, I want to be able to send good news to our “Response of the Heart” team:

Goal met. Meds paid for!

Please be one of 25 friends giving $46.19 (your donation will become $102.54) — and we’ll be there.

Or ... $100 becomes $222. $50 becomes $111.

Thank you in advance!

Much love,

Doug Brendel

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