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As I prepare to depart

Updated: Sep 6, 2019


As I prepare to depart for Belarus tomorrow, I invite you to share in a very special (secret) birthday celebration. Our beloved Lydia Danielevna, second-in-command in our “Response of the Heart” team in Minsk, will turn 74 while I’m there. (That’s her in the photo, with her goddaughter, our own Lydia Charlotte.) They’re planning a great birthday feast in her flat on that day. I’d like to surprise her with a special gift from you. Anything you’re able to donate to New Thing between now and May 19th, I’ll present to her for her birthday on May 20th … not as a gift for HER, but for her to GIVE toward any need, in any institution served by our ministry in Belarus. I can tell you with confidence, it will be the most thrilling birthday present she has ever received. And it will help people, somewhere in Belarus, in real need. I’ll let you know how your gift is being used — and we’ll do our best to get photos, of course! You can use this link to donate online — or send a check to New Thing at 403 Linebrook Rd., Ipswich MA 01938, and we’ll wire your gift to Belarus. Lydia Danielevna is giving her life to meeting the crying needs of her people. We’ve saluted her dedication many times. But this unusual birthday gift will make it really personal. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for journeying with us! Much love, Doug Brendel P.S. She doesn’t look 74, does she? 🙂

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