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A huge thank-you from the orphans!

The orphan-graduates and their house-parents couldn’t wait to say “thank you” for the Life Starter Kits!

They enjoyed a big graduation dinner and party, and made a lovely 8-minute video for you.

  • I enjoyed watching it in Russian here, especially because of the music running underneath the video.

  • Here it is in English, translated by our friend Max, but the music drops into the background so you can hear the English.

We couldn’t wait either, to deliver their Life Starter Kits — because school was starting.

So we made the unusual decision to take funds from our “Response of the Heart” team budget.

Result: We still need to cover the cost of the Life Starter Kits, even though by now the graduates have already happily carried them off to school.

As I write this, 11 households and 1 Rotary Club have donated a total of $2,726.35 toward the $14,000 goal. God bless all who have given!

Each Kit contains towels, blanket, bed linens, pillow, kettle, saucepan, frying pan, iron, lamp, printer paper, USB thumb drive — and for those going to university, a laptop, laptop bag, and computer speaker.

If you can help cover the cost of the Kits and keep our “Response of the Heart” team at work all across Belarus, the team and I will be very grateful ... and so will the thousands of people in need who will experience your compassion first-hand.

Thanks for journeying with New Thing!

More adventures to come!

Much love,

Doug Brendel

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