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Our Cause

Chernobyl started it all. Most of the radiation fell to the north of Ukraine, in the land of Belarus. People got sick. Kids have underdeveloped immune systems, so they suffered the most. The nation took a huge hit.

New Thing's work, officially and gratefully recognized by the government of Belarus, is all-volunteer in the U.S., so every penny you donate goes into Belarus. Any contribution you make to New Thing is eligible for U.S. income-tax deduction to the full extent of the law.


You can visit the former USSR without ever leaving home! To receive a free photo portfolio and updates on the work in Belarus, simply provide your name, address, and email in the form above.


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Our Cause

It’s wonderfully rewarding work ... and we’d love to include you!

New Thing is all-volunteer in the U.S., so every penny donated goes into Belarus. We have the privilege of providing virtually 100% of the funding needed for all our all-Belarusian “Response of the Heart” team to serve all over Belarus.

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