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When to Stop Helping

A dear friend emailed me this past week and asked an honest question.

She serves on a committee that disburses funds for good causes.

They recognize that the people of Belarus have been impacted by the Ukraine situation.

They also see that Belarus officially has lined up with ussia in the conflict.

Her fellow committee members were concerned by the “political connection” between Belarus and Russia.

Perhaps because of this, they concluded, “we shouldn’t give to New Thing.”

Right? I was grateful to hear from my friend.

She and her committee are not the first to ask such a question. I’m receiving similar queries almost every day now. I want you to see how I answered. This is a paraphrase:

Governments and people are not the same. The problems of the Belarusian people are still the same today as they were before the invasion — or worse. The orphans, the homeless, the disabled, the sick are still in need. To cut them off from aid because of government decisions would be tragic. I can’t do much about the politics, but I can do something about the suffering. New Thing is still operating.

Our “Response of the Heart” team is still bringing humanitarian aid into the country. Until we can’t find a way to serve, we’ll keep serving. God bless everyone who gives to those in need, anywhere ... including children and adults in need in Belarus. This is the one place I can make a difference, so this is where I’m serving.

Thanks for journeying with us! Much love, Doug Brendel

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