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  • Doug Brendel

The news, good and bad

Good news and bad, about Belarus.

  • The good news is that 26 friends responded to our Kozovaya Fund Matching Challenge!

We made the goal — the $3000 in matching funds have been released!

So we’ll be able to provide a permanent memorial to The Great Kozovaya in her home village, and...

Even more importantly, we’ve launched an ongoing Kozovaya Fund to meet the most urgent needs of people all over Belarus.

  • The bad news is that Belarus is being rocked by unprecedented unrest, since Sunday’s presidential election.

Some of the violence has occurred quite close to our apartment on Karl Marx Street.

We have always avoided commenting on politics in Belarus, but you can track the latest from any international news source.

All we can say is, Please pray for Belarus.

We’ve reached out to our team members to make sure they’re safe, but as I write, we only know that Kozovaya’s family is okay; we don’t yet know about other members of our “Response of the Heart” team.

I’ll update you with any significant news.

The launch of our Kozovaya Fund may turn out to be tragically timely.

We don’t know what the most urgent needs will be in the days ahead.

But thanks to 26 generous friends here in the U.S., New Thing will be ready to help.

Thanks for journeying with us.

Much love,

Doug Brendel

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