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  • Doug Brendel

Now I lay me down to sleep

Tonight, chances are, you’ll climb into your very own bed.

You’ll know where you are.

More important by far, you’ll know whose who are:

Those who love you, who live with you and for you.

In the shelter at Zhodino, in Belarus, children may wonder whose they are.

The bed they climb into won’t be as familiar as the one they remember from home.

Those who lived with them, back there, may not have lived for them.

But someone still loves them.

The workers at Zhodino are giving their lives.

Not to mention ... there's you.

The beds the children climb into at night will be good and solid and clean.

The room will be safe and comfortable.

The facilities will be lovely, and child-friendly.

...Thanks to generous friends of New Thing.

God bless all who have given over the past decade or more,

in part to help us rehab this shelter and support the dedicated workers there.

More adventures to come!

Thanks for journeying with us.

Much love,

Doug Brendel

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