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  • Doug Brendel

My Worst Problem

My laptop melted down this week.

Computer problems are the WORST. I spent days alternating between rage and despair, getting all my “stuff” loaded onto a new machine. Then I received an attitude adjustment from an unexpected source… … looking at photos of our soup kitchen in Minsk — from 2 years ago today, when I was last there. Someone I visited that day — poor, homeless, downtrodden — would have a different definition of “my worst problem.”

A simpler timeline for “getting all my stuff loaded.”

A different excuse for despair … or rage.

I had the privilege of bringing a little joy, a little encouragement, to our friends in Minsk that day.

And every day since then, friends like you have been bringing joy too…

A hot meal, some warm clothing, help with the logistics of the homeless life.

I’m grateful for all who give to New Thing.

You’re helping those who visit our soup kitchen every day, and many thousands of others.

If this message reaches you, it means I got my computer issues resolved.

If not, well … I could have worse problems.

Thanks for journeying with us!

Much love,

Doug Brendel

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