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Meanwhile, in the kitchen…

Updated: Sep 6, 2019


I’ve been keeping you posted on Oleg & Luda’s adventures in the USA … but meanwhile, the generosity of friends like you keeps making an impact in the former Soviet Union!

A generous couple in California saw our photo report in February from a boarding school for disabled children in Chekhovshchinskaya (first photo), and spontaneously responded to their urgent need for new kitchenware by sending an immediate gift of $1,000.

Our friends at the Music Serving the Word organization were inspired to provide the balance — another $1,400. (They had already funded a new washer and dryer for the school.)

The great acquisition has finally taken place — and here are the results! A whole commercial kitchen-ful of excellent, clean, brand-new pots, pans, plates, and everything else you need to provide 3 meals a day to 70 children.

The children and the workers are grateful, and we are grateful for all who gave toward this need … and to all who respond so generously to each and every opportunity!

Thanks for journeying with us! More photos to come…. Much love, Doug Brendel

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