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  • Doug Brendel

How you gained 368,000 pounds

Just a note, as this hard old year draws to a close, to thank you for the $234,866.

That’s the value of the aid that our “Response of the Heart” team brought into Belarus this year, in 19 massive shipments:

A total of 368,621 lbs. of urgently needed medical equipment and supplies, clothing and shoes, furniture and furnishings, kitchenware, everything from toys to construction materials, and way, way more.

They could only do it because friends like you gave so generously to New Thing.

We have the honor of providing 100% of the operational funding for this entire hard-working team.

This year’s aid went to hospitals and clinics, orphanages and foster families, centers for abused and abandoned children, boarding schools for children with disabilities and medical problems, and the list goes on — a total of 87 institutions and organizations all over the country.

Plus, the team delivered aid personally, face to face and heart to heart, to 2,265 people with specific needs.

Chances are, you’ll never meet a single child you helped in Belarus this past year.

But you’ve made your mark in that life.

There will always be a special place in their heart for you.

You’re the faraway stranger who cared enough to give.

On their behalf, I thank you for your heart of compassion.

And I wish you a joyous New Year.

Thanks for journeying with us!

Much love,

Doug Brendel

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