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  • Doug Brendel

How was Mother’s Day?


Hope you had a good Mother’s Day.

You certainly made a good Mother’s Day, for at least one mother and child....

As a courtesy, I won’t share her name, or the name of her adorable 18-month-old daughter.

And we don’t know how or why they came from Azerbaijan, another former Soviet satellite nation.

But we know this: In Belarus, they needed a safe place to stay.

Today, they’re living in a shelter for the homeless in Minsk.

And here, they feel your love.

Friends of New Thing provide aid to the homeless of Minsk: food, clothing, beds, bedding, and more.

Because everyone has value. Everyone deserves dignity.

Our message is simple:

Whatever your circumstances, or how they came about, you are loved.

The same message a mother embeds in her child.

On behalf of this Azerbaijani mother and daughter, and all the people of Belarus touched by the work of our dedicated “Response of the Heart” team...

Thank you for journeying with New Thing.

More adventures to come!

Much love,

Doug Brendel

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