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For the one

Updated: Sep 6, 2019


Thank you to everyone who has given this year to New Thing.

You really didn’t give to New thing. You really gave to a deaf child in Vitebsk, who used to shiver in her bed, but now she’s warm, because of the weather-proof windows you helped provide.

You’ve really given to an orphan, taken in by a foster family, who now have a reliable washing machine.

You’ve really given to a mentally disabled child in Chekhovshchinskaya, who now eats from beautiful plates with beautiful new silverware, meals prepared with beautiful new pots and pans … even a meat thermometer!

You’ve really given to a traumatized child victimized by an alcoholic father, lovingly cared for in the “Zontik” instead of hauled into court to testify in his dad’s case.

You’ve really given to a little girl with a heart problem in Glussk, who has a place to dry and iron her laundry.

You’ve really given to a little boy with disabilities, who got to attend summer camp for the very first time in Berezino.

You’ve really given to a child abandoned by her parents in Ushachi, who now has closet space for her clothes at the shelter where she’s living until her future can be sorted out.

You’ve really given to a destitute woman who can eat lunch because there’s a soup kitchen for homeless people in Minsk.

You’ve really given to a deaf preschooler who has no family to go home to, but now has a special “Island of Joy” to look forward to when the other kids leave on holidays.

You’ve really given to thousands upon thousands of men, women, and children all across Belarus, who turned to us in their time of need, and thanks to you, our “Response of the Heart” team could say “Yes.”

You’ve given to many … but you’ve also given to each one. Heart to heart.

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for you. Grateful that you’re journeying with us.

Much love, Doug Brendel

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