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  • Doug Brendel

A Christmas toilet?

Some kids can’t say “I love you.”

They want to, but it’s hard — because they have profound speech disorders.

Nearly 150 such children — including 45 orphans — live in a boarding school in the town of Vileyka, in Belarus. You can meet them through a few photos, here.

The boarding school is ancient, and decrepit.

The bathroom facilities are especially bad.I would not want my own children having to use toilets like the ones I saw there.

Would you help New Thing buy new toilets, and maybe sinks, for the children at Vileyka? It’s an odd idea, perhaps, for a Christmas present, but I know the children and the workers would be thrilled.

A new toilet costs $117.94. Maybe you could give $58.97 and I’ll combine your gift with someone else’s to provide a toilet. Or give $54.58 to provide a new sink. In such a huge facility, there are multiple bathrooms. I’m just hoping we can provide maybe 3 new toilets and 3 new sinks. Whatever you can give will be a real help. What do you think? I hope to hear from you soon! Much love, Doug Brendel

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